The Bringg platform enables two  things:  Manage your deliveries in a smart frictionless way & show your customers a visual map-based view of their delivery in real-time!

The Bringg App on Clover Enables:

Businesses to manage deliveries in a smart frictionless way – assign orders to drivers, see the location of drivers and deliveries in real-time and more.
Customers to never  unknowingly wait for their delivery.  Show customers where their delivery is in real-time and in a smart way!

About Bringg

Bringg is a mobile-based SaaS platform that enables enterprises to manage deliveries in a smart, frictionless way so customers never have to wait for their delivery. Think of a world where every business can operate and offer an Uber-like service.



With Bringg, your customers know where their delivery is in real-time. Once a driver starts heading their way, they will receive a link to a map-based tracking view in real time. The Bringg platform can identify in real time whether your driver is driving, cycling or running, and adjust the ETAs accordingly for customers.


Manage and track drivers in real-time. See them on the map, assign orders, receive alerts and more

Make Bringg Your Own

Customize your delivery pin, destination flag, and company logo on the consumer tracking screen using our API calls. You can also customize the header to match your own. Contact us to make this happen

Driver’s App

Your drivers need only the Bringg mobile app to get their job done. The app enables them to navigate and communicate with customers. App features include collecting signatures, taking photos, and writing down special notes regarding the order.

Announce Your Driver’s Arrival

When the driver arrives to your customer, he taps “Arrive” and your customer receives a notification announcing his arrival. Imagine how wonderful that is for customers requesting drivers not to use the doorbell.


Not all drivers are native English speakers. That is why we offer the Bringg driver app in a wide range of languages. Contact us to receive the language that is right for your drivers.

Check our video tutorials!

Start In Minutes, Using These 7 Simple Steps:

On your mobile phone:

  1. Download our Driver App here to your mobile phone.
  2. Log in with the email and password you've entered during registration.
  3. Start your shift as a driver.

On your Clover tablet:

  1. If you haven't done so, make sure to register to the Bringg App On Clover.
  2. Open the Clover "Customer" app and choose an existing customer.
  3. In the Clover "Register App", a first-time only action is required: Click the ‘sync’ button on the right hand corner on the action bar.
    Doing so will enable to choose the ‘delivery’ option needed for the order to appear on the Bringg App.
    Make sure you choose "Delivery" at checkout (on your upper left side of the screen).
  4. On the Bringg App on Clover, assign the order to a driver (yourself at first)

Drivers will receive a notification the order was assigned to them on the Bringg Driver Mobile App and can then start the delivery.

Clicking "Heading Your Way" on the driver app will indicate the delivery has begun and your customer will receive an SMS/email with a link to track the delivery in real time.

See below some screenshots that will guide you step-by-step:

First Time Users? Make sure you have downloaded the Bringg native mobile app for drivers to your mobile phone here and logged in to the app using your email and password.

Download Bringg from the App Market on your Clover device & register. Start off by choosing the “Customer” app on Clover. Add or choose an existing customer. Once you selected the customer click – Start New order. This will automatically open the “Register” app.

In the “Register” App, make sure you choose the “Delivery” option once charging customer. This will make sure the order is inserted to the Bringg App on Clover.

New orders from Clover will now be presented on the main Bringg app

Once an order appears on the main Bringg app screen, you need to assign a driver to it from the drop down list of drivers, containing drivers added in previous step. Only orders marked as “Delivery” will appear on the Bringg app

Tap the Import Orders button to view a list of all the open orders on your Clover POS.

Check the orders you want to import to the Bringg dashboard, please note that orders without customers, cannot be imported. Click “Import” to complete.

Drivers need to download the “Bringg” driver app from the App Store or Google Play and log in.

In order to start a shift, driver should “start shift” on his side menu on their mobile app.

By pressing the “Heading to you” button in an order, the driver starts the delivery. This will trigger a notification to the customer allowing them to track their delivery.

Customers will open the link on the automated text message sent, and will see a real-time map view of the driver as he heads their way!

At the end of delivery, customers will not be able to track the location of the driver and they will be encouraged to rate the service. Businesses can set a rule to contact immediately a customer that rated less than 3 stars and provide superior customer care

Click the “+” sign to add new drivers. The driver will receive a text message prompting them to download the driver app