The Bringg platform enables to manage your deliveries & provide customers with a real time map-based view of the approaching driver!

Using Bringg with Ordering Online System enables:

Businesses to easily see the locations of drivers and deliveries in real-time, assign orders in a click, and manage their deliveries efficiently, easily and seamlessly!
Customers to see their delivery progress in real-time, allow them to communicate with you and your drivers and rate their experience!

About Bringg

Bringg is a mobile-based SaaS platform that enables enterprises to manage deliveries in a smart, frictionless way so customers never have to wait for their delivery. Think of a world where every business can operate and offer an Uber-like service.

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Step by Step:

First Time Users? You can access your dispatcher dashboard here. Make sure you have downloaded the Bringg native mobile app for drivers to your mobile phone and logged in to the app using your email and password / phone number.

On your Bringg dashboard, go to Settings and click “Become a developer”

On your Ordering Online System admin panel, go to Settings, click on Apps and scroll down to choose the Bringg app.

Choose your business permission – Yes if you have multiple restaurant and want each to have its own Bringg account, and No if you deliver for one or more restaurants on your own.

You may find your production and test keys on your Bringg dashboard if you go to Settings and click on Developer.

You can add new drivers either from the Drivers tab on your Bringg dashboard or from your Ordering Online System admin panel.

Drivers need to download the “Bringg” driver app from the App Store or Google Play and log in. On the app they will see a list of all their orders

Your account is now set. Every order placed through your Ordering Online System account will arrive to your Bringg dashboard.

You can easily dispatch orders to drivers from your Bringg dashboard – just click on “Unassigned” and choose a driver to assign the order to.

Click on any order’s ID to view order activity, status, driver location, real-time ETA, and more!

When you need to know the location of a driver, you can click on the driver’s name and easily locate him/her.

In order to start a shift, drivers should slide the “start shift” bar at the bottom of their mobile app.

By clicking “Start Order”, the driver begins the delivery. This will trigger a notification to the customer allowing them to track their delivery.

Customers will open the link on the automated text message sent, and will see a real-time map view of the driver as they head their way!

At the end of delivery, customers will not be able to track the location of the driver and they will be encouraged to rate the service.

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